Why You Should Host Your Next Lock-In at a Bowling Alley

Bowling alleys aren’t just for standard parties and play, they are also useful venues for events such as lock-ins which require more to keep participants occupied. If you’ve never heard of a lock-in before, here is where you can learn about it and discover why bowling alleys are the perfect locations for this type of event.

What is a Lock-in?

A lock-in is an event that is usually hosted to provide a night of fun for those who are under the legal drinking age. These are all-night events that consist of a variety of activities to keep them entertained and way from alcohol. The term comes from the fact that people are usually not allowed to come and go during a lock-in and no alcohol is served. Bowling alleys are a great option for this because they are family entertainment centers that can provide hours of activities for kids and teens to enjoy.

Bowling Alley Lock-In

A bowling alley is the perfect location for lock-ins. Because these events span a period of an entire night, you will need lots of options for activities to keep people busy.

One game of bowling can take up to an hour or longer if there is socializing in between rounds. Most people are excited to get a few games of bowling in before they tire out which takes up plenty of time during a lock-in. In addition to bowling, participants can switch between other activities that are offered or even take a break to eat and chat when they want. You will find that bowling alleys will also offer arcade games, laser tag, and even bumper cars that can keep everyone occupied and having fun for hours.

The music, food, and games will keep kids moving and excited all night long. They will forget it is time to sleep with all that is available for them to do. On top of the games and fun, bowling alley lock-ins are a safe place for kids to enjoy their time. These lock-ins are supervised by specially trained party coordinators and are completely secure- doors are locked all night and no one is allowed in or out of the building during the lock-in.

A sleepover is an exciting activity no matter where a child goes. Having a sleepover at a family entertainment center will be an experience like no other. These are all-night adventures where they are able to run around and play their favorite games in their pajamas and tuck into their sleeping bags if they get tired.

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