What are Escape Rooms?

If you are a fan of escape room games, Stars and Strikes has a special treat for you—escapology. It is an escape room game with even more adrenaline, excitement, and mystery involved. You and your team will be locked inside a room with a directive to find the clues… Read More

Different Types of Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are all about being unique. Every escape room you go to will challenge you in a slightly different way than others. Some focus more on cooperation, others on puzzles, and others on your senses. Despite all their differences however, there are a few things that are useful… Read More

How to Make an Escape Room at Home

With everyone still stuck inside and professional escape rooms closed across the country, you may be looking for a way to scratch that escapist itch. Well, we have a solution for you. While it will require some work and time, you can create an escape room in your own… Read More

How to Beat an Escape Room: Tips and Tricks

Escape rooms, the new trending way to escape reality and put your mind to the test, are quickly growing in popularity across the US. An unofficial count estimates that there are at least 2,300 escape rooms and more are being added all the time. Friends, colleagues, and even… Read More

Escapology for The Win

Have you always envied the secret agents in adventure movies? Detectives working to solve the case? Maybe, you’re just looking for an exciting and interactive group activity? Look no further than Escapology––our award-winning escape rooms. This activity is perfect for corporate “fun Fridays,” youth groups, date… Read More