Hologate: Virtual Reality is NOW AVAILABLE in Columbus!

The next wave of Virtual Reality is NOW OPEN at Stars and Strikes Columbus! Hologate Virtual Reality features FOUR adrenaline-pumping games!

Cold Clash: A Virtual Snowball Fight Adventure!

Experience a snow ball fight like never before. Maneuver your hovercraft on a frozen lake to collect golden coins, but watch out for your opponents and the crazy yeti as they both shoot icy snowballs at you. Seek out the power-ups to give your snowball shooting, super powers. This family friendly game will entice you with its cute and unique look and is a guaranteed virtual reality party smash. Oh, one last thing… beware of the yellow snowballs.

Simurai: Futuristic Battle Simulation

VR Simurai is a team-based cooperative shooter game that will challenge all your skills. Together with up to 4 players, your mission is to defend a futuristic base. Work together as a team to fend off waves of menacing alien mech-spiders, robots, and drones to prepare yourselves to defeat bigger enemies like the giant Sumo-Bot and the mighty Dragon-Boss.  Power-ups will transform your blaster and give you special powers.

Get your Groove (Guardians) on!

GROOVE GUARDIANS was created for those who enjoy challenging their friends and family in electrifying music, rhythm, and dance battles. Players quickly find themselves becoming one with groove through the irresistible music tracks and energizing full-body gameplay.

Battle the Zombyte Apocalypse!

Band together as a Z.W.A.T. – Zombie Weapons And Tactics team to engage in an adrenalin-soaked battle against wave after wave of oncoming hoards of the infected undead.  Drawing upon the company´s long history in high-end cinematic visual effects for feature films, real locations were digitized using the latest laser scanning and photogrammetry technology to achieve an unparalleled state of realism. The end result is a terrifying, heart-pounding, first-hand zombie apocalypse onslaught that has its creep factor ratcheted up from the highly detailed gaming setting of an abandoned, decrepit, industrial warehouse.

Unique, seamless Game-play

When you put on the VR headset, you are immediately transported to a new world; a new reality. Depending on the game mode selected, you either work together or compete head-to-head for the high score. The intense graphics on the 90-fps headset make every motion feel real; no lagging, no buffering, and no motion sickness. The open-air layout of the VR Arena allows spectators to see the players and take in the action on the monitors above the playing space.