5 Tips for a Better Bowling Score

Bowling is an exciting and enjoyable activity that anyone can enjoy at any age. When it comes to bowling, mastering the skill of picking up spare pins or throwing a strike will make your experience even more rewarding. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro bowler, here are five tips that can help you improve your game and get better scores at the bowling alley in Concord:

1. Pick the Right Ball

Choosing the right ball is essential for a better score when it comes to bowling. The weight of the ball determines how far and fast you can throw it and you need your perfect match. Find your match by checking for the following:

  • Can you hold the ball comfortably without straining yourself?
  • Can you throw the ball in a straight line without wobbling?

If you find the ball wobbles, it’s time to try a lighter one. Once you find your match, stick to that weight and you can be a pro in no time.

2. Wear the Right Shoes

The type of shoes you wear can change the trajectory of your throw and impact your score. Consider getting some snazzy bowling shoes with smooth soles—these ensure you slide easily and release the ball smoothly off your fingers.

The shoes are designed to protect the floor of the bowling alley in Concord and provide you traction and control for a great throw that’ll grant you a standing ovation from your bowling pals.

3. Master Your Throwing Techniques

Throwing techniques are what the pros use to get strikes and spares. Here’s how it goes:

  • Learn how to hold the ball properly with your fingers in the finger holes and keep your wrist straight.
  • Take a few steps and release the ball when your arm is extended and your sliding foot is forward.
  • Aim for the 1-pin pocket to increase your chances of a strike. Practice will make you perfect, so keep at it.

4. Practice Your Aim

Like many sports, aiming is key to getting better at bowling. This technique greatly depends on how well you release the ball. Release the ball when your arm is extended and follow through after releasing. This helps increase accuracy and control. And with regular practice, you’ll be hitting your mark in no time.

5. Relax

Bowling is supposed to be an enjoyable and relaxing activity. Tensing up can affect your performance, so take deep breaths and relax. Loosen up and have fun, you’ll be surprised and how much this can contribute to your score at a bowling alley in Concord.

Become a Bowling Pro at Stars and Strikes Bowling Alley in Concord

With regular practice of the tips above at Stars and Strikes bowling alley in Concord, you’ll be bowling like a pro in no time. So pick your ball, wear your shoes, and start practicing—you’ll be hitting strikes before you know it!

And come hang out with us for some bowling fun—we’ve got delicious food, drinks, arcade games, and more. Contact us today to book your lanes and become a bowling expert.