Everything You Need to Know About Planning Your Kid’s Birthday Party

When you plan your child’s birthday party, there are dozens of things to consider — venue, activities, food, invitations, and how to give the birthday kid the best day ever.

If your posse of partygoers includes active children or teens, there are a few birthday party tips to keep in mind. Try to choose an activity that keeps kids on their feet, running around and moving their bodies. No one wants to deal with bored kids at a birthday party. We put together the ultimate guide to everything you should consider when planning your next kid’s birthday party.

Perfect for a kids party! Amari was our host and could not have been better! We arrived 10 minutes early and she had everything set up at our bowling lanes. She ushered us to each activity, kept them in order during the bowling, and was so energetic. The birthday party here is worth every cent!

- Amanda, Huntsville

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Active kids like to move around, and they like to have a challenge. Bowling is a great option for a birthday party for several reasons. You’ll have a super-fun, organized game for the kids to play that will keep them busy and happy until cake time.

They’ll also have plenty of opportunities to move and compete against one another. You don’t have to worry about gathering kids together and trying to teach them the rules to party games. A bowling birthday party makes it easy to keep kids active, engaged and excited.

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Laser tag is another excellent option for a birthday party for active kids. Laser tag is more open-ended than bowling.

For kids who want or need less structure, set them up with target vests and laser guns and send them on their way. They’ll have loads of fun searching for their party pals in a darkened, glowing arena and wear themselves out having a blast with their friends. Best of all, this is a non-impact game, so you don’t have to worry about kids getting bumped and bruised.

For kids who are all about video games, consider an arcade birthday party. It’s not like screen time at home. Today’s modern arcades keep kids on their feet and moving around.

Game cards let partying players move from game to game without digging for more change. Today’s video games help kids expend mental energy as well as physical, and they’ll be excited to conquer the next digital level.

And let’s be honest — it gives you and the other parents the chance to kick back and enjoy a beverage and a snack while the kids wear themselves out.

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Kids Birthday Party Checklist

Kids Birthday Party Invitations

First of all, you should send out some party invites. Evites and Facebook events have become quite common, but kids still love tangible party invitations that they can hand out to their friends at school

You could buy generic cards locally but why not find something specific to your bowling birthday party? Order custom cards or even make them yourself. Even something as simple as a round piece of cardstock with three appropriately-sized finger holes will convey the theme, and all you have to do is write the location, date and time.

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Every birthday party needs delicious bites, and we don’t just mean for the kids. Don’t forget the parents who are sticking around to play, too! Pizzas are easy, but why not grab some fresh, hot chicken tenders or go with the American classics, burgers and hot dogs?

Be sure to order enough for the kids to fill up, and for the adults to nibble on, too.

Birthday Cake

This is another opportunity to tie in the bowling birthday party theme, so go crazy! Most supermarkets will have a huge variety of designs to choose from, or in many places, you can ask them to use a customized photo that you bring in.

With a little time to plan, you can make your own bowling birthday cake. There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest, or you can even order pre-designed (and often, edible!) bowling party cake toppers from Etsy.

Party Favors

This is a great opportunity to give your child some input into their birthday party. Ask your child what types of things they would like to include in the party favor bags. How would they like their friends to remember their birthday party?

Make custom bags using white paper bags. Cut out ball-shaped circles from black construction paper, then punch three holes in each circle. Glue to the bag and voila! Bowling birthday party favor bags. Ask your child to help fill them with trinkets and treats to distribute to their party guests.

Don’t Forget These Tips When Planning a Kids Birthday Party

Whether you’re a Pinterest-parent who’s planning every birthday party detail, or a busy parent who’s happy to enlist as much help as our birthday party planners offer, there are a few things that you should consider.

Pay attention to allergies.

Be sure to find out if any of the children (or parents!) attending the party have any food allergies. You may need to prepare or avoid certain foods so that each child can participate and feel included.

Accommodate sensory processing disorders.

Loud noises, lots of children, bright lights and too much sugar can be a recipe for disaster for children with SPD. Depending on the severity, you can offer accommodations to ensure all children – even those with SPD – have a great time at your child’s birthday party.

Get the lowdown in the RSVP.

Ask parents to let you know if their child has any specific needs when they send in their RSVP.  If you’re not sure how to accommodate a specific sensitivity, ask the parent! Parents of children with dietary or sensory needs are often used to providing alternatives so that their child feels included — and they’ll be thrilled that you asked.

Be prepared to cede control.

Planning a birthday party for a tween or teen can be especially difficult to navigate as your child’s entire social life depends on getting it right (or at least that’s what they think). Let your child help make decisions about decorations, party favors, and food so they feel empowered and proud of their birthday party.

When in Doubt, Let Us Plan the Birthday Party

It might feel like a lot to consider, but you only have a few precious years to plan your sweet child’s birthday parties. And if you want some help, reach out.

Select the kids’ birthday party package that works for you then leave the hard work to us. We can make sure everyone has a fun and safe time that your child talks about for years to come.

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