Best Bowling Games to Try at Your Kids Birthday Party

There’s no better place to have your child’s next birthday party than at a bowling alley! With the lanes and arcades in Augusta, GA, it’s the perfect place to celebrate. Instead of implementing the typical bowling rules, take things to the next level by planning a few games to play. Your guests will have a blast each time they step up to the lane.

Silly Bowling Contest

For the first event, announce a silly bowling contest. This contest is just like it sounds. It gives each child the chance to bowl in the silliest, funkiest way possible. You can choose to make the contest one frame long or spread it out through the entire game. If you’d prefer a longer game, apply rules to each frame to amp up the silliness. For example, during one frame, each player must hop on one foot while bowling in a silly way. For another frame, they have to roll the ball in between someone else’s legs before it heads down the lane. No matter how you choose to start the contest, you’ll hear massive amounts of giggles as the kids come up with their own silly ways of bowling.

Bowling Bingo

This is an excellent game for each guest to either play on their own or in a team. Before the party, create a variety of Bingo boards. Each board should contain the numbers one through ten and other common bowling occurrences, including “spare,” “strike,” and “gutter ball.” Each time someone knocks down a certain number of pins, or an occurrence happens, the guests will mark off the corresponding square on their board. The first individual or team to complete an entire row on their bingo board wins!

Race the Ball

This is a silly game that keeps kids entertained and laughing throughout the entire party. During this game, guests are competing against the time of the bowling ball. After the bowler releases the ball down the lane, they must complete a task. Perhaps the task is naming 5 ice cream flavors, doing 3 push-ups, or counting backward from 20. Whatever the task may be, it must be completed before the bowling ball knocks down any pins.

Odd vs. Even

Combine competition with bowling during this fun-filled game. Place two bowls on the table. One should be labeled “even,” while the other is labeled “odd.” Fill each ball with a variety of challenges. You may write something like, “See how many marshmallows you can put in your mouth.” You could list physical challenges or time challenges. As each bowler bowls, they’ll choose a challenge from the bowl that corresponds with the number of pins that they’ve knocked over.

Themed Bowling

Instead of a typical bowling party, choose a theme. Then, have each guest dress as their favorite character that coordinates with the theme. Plan games that go along with the theme for additional fun! For a Harry Potter-themed party, you can divide guests into different houses and have them compete in a variety of challenges. The team with the most points at the end of the party can be awarded the house cup! Tying the games in with the theme is a great way to create a fun and exciting environment.

No matter which games you choose to play, your child and their friends will love every minute of the party. From bowling games to arcade games in Augusta, GA, the bowling alley has everything you need to make this birthday the best one yet!