Best Places to Hold a Child’s Birthday Party

You love your child and want their birthday party to be memorable and fun. However, after the years roll by, fresh ideas may start to run dry. Fortunately, there are many birthday party venues in Columbus, GA, that can solve your problem of what to do for your little one this year. Taking the party away from your own home can ease stress and free you of having to handle the details because the venue will take care of them for you. Some places can supply food, cake, or decorations, and although that’s easy for you, there’s little that makes your party stand out from every other child’s in town. Thinking about your child’s interests, age, and abilities will help to determine the best venue for their next birthday celebration!


Who doesn’t love a party that involves food, and not just eating it, but decorating it, playing with it, and making it? Some great places to hold a kids’ birthday parties are restaurants or bakeries. It’s common for these venues to schedule the party outside of normal operating hours so your group can have the place to themselves. Think of finding a pizza place where they can make their own pizzas or a bakery where they can decorate cupcakes or cookies and even take them home. These parties can be perfect for keeping kids entertained with a hands-on activity, and the party may even be run by the venue’s employees.  You are then free to take pictures and savor the sweet moments and memories or even participate yourself!


Having a bowling or laser tag party is so much fun and keeps the partygoers active and entertained while also getting a little exercise. Hosting a celebration that gets kids up off their feet and playing on teams can be a bonding and very memorable experience. If your child’s special day falls in a warmer month, or you live somewhere that allows for outdoor activities, a swimming party can also be great. Hosting a party somewhere where there’s a lifeguard on staff lets attendees have fun and keeps everyone safe. What kids don’t like to bounce up and down? None that you’ve ever met, right? Birthday party venues such as a bounce house or trampoline park are a perfect option to get some of that energy out, and their parents will thank you later!


Considering current interests or passions your kid has can be an excellent jumping off point for picking a birthday party location. Think a science or history museum where they can grow their little minds and maybe even get a special lesson from a local expert. Museums often have birthday party packages that can take a lot of the planning off your shoulders. Factories are even starting to host birthday parties where guests can tour the facility and learn how, for example, potato chips or perhaps their favorite candy are made. Most children love animals, so what about taking a small group to the zoo?


Celebrating with your child and helping them make memories that pop up in conversations over the years will be well worth the effort you put in now. If you’re planning a fun kids’ birthday party in Columbus, GA, book a party at Stars and Strikes! Check out or call
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