Bowl Like an Expert: Tips for Left-Handed Bowlers

Bowling is one of the great American pastimes. Whether you’re a professional or just enjoying a night out with the family, there’s nothing greater than watching your ball knock over the pins. If you’re left-handed, bowling may be a bit trickier. While left-handed athletes can be just as successful as their right-handed counterparts, it can take some time to master the strategy. From gripping the ball to your release, your family bowling alley in Smyrna, TN, has a few tips for all of the southpaw bowlers out there.

Use a Left-Handed Ball

Did you know that most bowling balls are created for right-handed people? This means that the center weight is different. If you try bowling with a right-handed ball and you’re left-handed, it makes it much harder to determine your ball’s trajectory and successfully knock down the pins. Find a left-handed ball at the alley or, if you’re an avid bowler, have a ball custom made to ensure that you have your best game every time you pick it up.

Find the Proper Grip

The release of your ball will determine how successful each frame is. If your grip isn’t perfect, you’ll find yourself throwing a lot of gutter balls. It may take some time for you to master your grip and throw left-handed. For those who bowl frequently, it’s a good idea to have your custom ball drilled by a professional. This ensures that your fitted finger and thumb holes match your grip and make it easier for you to master your technique.

Perfecting Your Stance

Take some time to notice how you’re currently bowling. Is your posture helping you or hurting you? As a left-handed bowler, it can be difficult to determine how to approach the lane. Note how far you’re bringing your arm back, if you’re releasing your ball at an angle, and how you hold the ball. Make necessary adjustments until you begin to see a successful pattern.

Use the Right Shoes

It may sound crazy, but most bowling shoes are specifically designed for right-handed people. They accommodate the slide and traction necessary for their approach. As a left-handed bowler, this puts you at a disadvantage. Ask your alley if they have shoes that are better for left-handed bowlers or consider investing in your own. With the right shoes, it’s much easier to customize your approach and get the right spin on your release.

Ask for Help

Not sure how to bowl as a lefty? That’s okay! There are many people out there in the same boat. If needed, talk to the experts in your local bowling league. You’re bound to find a few left-handed bowlers. With their help, you can become a better bowler and start picking up more spares and strikes.

Bowling Pins in Lane

Bowling should be enjoyable for everyone! Whether you’re right or left-handed, there are ways to improve your technique and have fun in the process. Stars and Strikes creates the perfect atmosphere for bowlers of all levels. So, take a night off. Check out the bowling alley specials in Smyrna, TN, and have some fun! Learn more about Stars and Strikes bowling packages by visiting