Event Planning Checklist


If you have a big event on the calendar coming up, you may start to feel the pressure of having to get all of your event planning tasks in order and finalizing details of what needs to be done. We’ve got the ultimate event planning checklist outlined to help you in the months leading up to your event.

What Should I Include on My Event Checklist?

An event checklist should include tasks that cover all of the essentials that you’ll need to plan. A general checklist will include points related to the date of the event, the location, the type of event, the goals of the event, and the budget. You can also tailor this and add categories as needed depending on the specifics of your event.

Event Planning Timeline

It’s better to start planning in advance if you already have a general idea of your event.

A few months before your event you should identify a date, get in touch with the venue, any speakers or partners, and work on tasks such as registration or tickets if needed. This is the time to solidify marketing details, create publicity plans, and get the details for cost.

Once the foundation is built, you can move on to planning and logistics. This can include reviewing any contracts, menus, or activity agendas and organizing details with the venue. You can also begin to promote the event. If this is a large corporate gathering, start sending out the save the dates or if it is a private birthday party, start getting those invitations out so people can add it to their calendars.

Shortly before the event, you should work on final confirmations of all the details. This means circling back around with any vendors, speakers, or other organizations you’re working with and confirming times, presentations, etc. Make sure to send out reminders of the event at this point and continue to work on promoting the event through email, social media, or other forms of communication.

The night before your event, run through the schedule yourself and take the time to set up the venue if you are able to access it ahead of time. Finalize the last details regarding your event such as any signage that’s needed or any supplies such as paper, pens, utensils etc. Finally, don’t forget to take a deep breath and sneak in a good night of sleep before the big day.

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