Everything to Know About Bowling Pins

Bowling pics make up half the game of bowling. These uniquely shaped pieces of carved wood are iconic for their setup at the end of a bowling lane. Painted all white with some red stripes, we’re all familiar with the goal to knock down as many pins as we can each turn in order to win the game. There’s more to these pins than you’d think. If you’re a lover of bowling and learning new things, keep reading for everything to know about bowling pins.

Types of Bowling Pins

You may be the most familiar with tenpin bowling pins that are used in bowling alleys. These are your standard pins with specifications set forth by many bowling associations.

Duckpins are bowling pins that are much shorter and wider than the traditional bowling pin. They also resemble the Canadian fivepins slightly in that there is an extra wide section of the pin that makes it look stouter and squatter. Fivepins, however, are larger than duckpins and their size falls in between those and tenpins.

Candlepins are shaped just like they sound. These are tall pins that maintain the same width all the way down. They are vertically symmetrical which means it doesn’t matter which end of the pin you set it on to play. It also makes more of a billiard ball sound when it comes in contact with the bowling ball.

Finally, kegels are a type of pin use in the German bowling game “kegel” and look like a hybrid between tenpins and duckpins. The overall shape resembles the tenpins but the size of the actual pins are closer to smaller duckpins. They also have strings attached to the top of each pin which is utilized by the pinsetter for each turn.

Making Bowling Pins

While pins come in all different shapes and sizes, they are all made in a similar way. You begin with a block of wood that is the approximate shape and size of the pin. To get it into its final shape, the block of wood is turned on a lathe. Once this is completed, the pin gets coated with plastic, painted, and layered with a high-gloss finish.

Scoring Higher in Bowling

Looking to knock down as many pins as you can? We’ve got the advice for you. While there are lots of bowling techniques you can try, one of them specifically involves the pins. When you bowl, aim for the pocket. This is the best spot to aim your ball at to get the most number of strikes. For right-handed people, the pocket is between pins 1 and 3. For left-handed people, the pocket is between pins 1 and 2. Give it a shot and see your game improve!

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