Our Favorite Bowling Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Bowling birthday parties are a smart choice for many reasons — they’re super fun, they keep active kids busy, and you don’t have to prepare for an onslaught of excited children to descend upon your home. After your book your party, you’ll need to turn your attention to making it completely awesome. Great news — we have some ideas for that.

Bowling Party Invitations

First of all, you should send out some party invites. Yes, you can grab a pack of generic invitations to send out, but there are oodles of unique ways you can order custom cards or even make them yourself. Even something as simple as a round piece of card stock with three appropriately-sized finger holes will convey the theme, and all you have to do is write the locale, date and time.

Bowling Party Food

There are so many round food items you can serve that will remind your guests of bowling. Pizza, donut holes, gumballs, meatballs, popcorn balls — the list goes on, and most of these can be easily converted to bowling balls with the addition of three “finger holes.” Also, consider bowling-pin shaped food. Yes, that sounds outrageous, but if you can make rice crispy treats, you can surely form them into bowling pins, right? Yes. Yes you can.

Bowling Party Cake

A birthday party needs a cake, and you can make your own cake (hello box cake!) and top with bowling-themed items, like candles or fondant cake toppers. You can also get super fancy and have a cake custom made to really wow your guests.

Bowling Party Favors

You can embrace the bowling theme by going all out with the favors — check out this bowling party favor “cake,” for instance. It’s bowling-themed and each “slice” can be filled with candy or toys for your guests to grab on the way out. Or, you can DIY your own bowling party favor bags with plain white paper bags and a few cutouts, which would be a fun craft for you and your kids.

Bring On the Fun

With just a few extra touches, your bowling birthday party will be a huge blast (especially since bowling is super fun and the biggest task you’ll have is to snap pics and enjoy a good time).

Or, Let Us Bring the Fun to You

If all of this DIY has you shaking your head, don’t worry! Stars & Strikes birthday packages were made for fun and include everything you and the kids need to have an awesome time. Go ahead, book a party today so you can kick back and relax on the big day!

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