Frequently Asked Questions About Axe Throwing

We offer axe throwing at four of our locations and it has been a unique and fun experience for everyone. In our new Lumberjack Alley, friends and family are able to enjoy a thrilling experience along with a full menu of food and beverages. Have you always wanted to try but aren’t sure how it works? We answer some of your top questions here.

Do You Teach Axe Throwing?

All sessions start with a walkthrough. We offer different kids of axes to throw so we talk you through each of these and show you different techniques to throw.

How Much Time Do You Need for Axe Throwing?

We recommend at least an hour in order to fully enjoy the experience and give everyone a chance to throw and have a good time. We offer 1 hour and 2-hour sessions and price the rates per person.

How Do You Keep Score?

You can keep score by creating a game yourself or going by a base set of rules. Most competitions allow 10 throws to score. You get 6 points for a bullseye, 4 points for hitting the second ring, 3 for the third ring, 2 for the fourth ring, and 1 point for the outermost ring. If you hit a blue dot, it’s called a “kill shot” and you receive 10 points.

How Strong Do You Need to Be to Throw an Axe?

You don’t need to be extremely strong to throw an axe. This is something that most anyone can participate in whether they are young or old. However, if we feel that someone isn’t able to throw an axe in a safe manner, we will not let them throw. At all of our locations, you must be at least 10 years or older to throw and minors must be accompanied by an adult over 21.

What are Examples of Axe Throwing Games?

While many people have a great time throwing and getting the hang of the axe, there are also lots of games you can come up with to make things even more interesting. You can play games like first to 21 to make it competitive.

How Do You Keep People Safe When Axe Throwing?

We have rules in place to keep this activity safe and fun for everyone. We only allow one axe and one thrower per lane and do not allow them to be removed from the Throwing Lane. We also teach specific safety tips beforehand such as re-racking at the end of your turn rather than handing the axe to the next thrower and to keep hands off fencing.


If you are looking for the perfect place to get some axe throwing in, come check out the fun we offer at Stars & Strikes. Check out our website to find locations that offer axe throwing.