Fun Bowling Party Games

There aren’t many things you can do with a group of friends that’s more fun than a night of bowling. For starters, it’s the only sport that encourages snacking and drinking. It’s also just a great environment where there’s always something exciting going on and an excuse to act goofy with your friends. To add a little more spice to the evening, put a little spin on traditional bowling! Here are a few ideas that might inspire you the next time you hit a bowling alley with your friends or family.

Highest Total Score

A perfect way to compete in bowling when you’ve got a large number of people! Divide your group into two (or more) smaller groups of four to six people. Putting each group at a different lane, take turns bowling. After a complete game has been bowled by each group, add up all the scores per group to determine the winner. This is particularly fun if you’re at an office outing or a kids party because it encourages a sense of camaraderie among the participants since everyone’s rooting on their team to win, rather than just every man for himself.

Lowest Total Score

This game tosses traditional bowling on its head by encouraging to hit as few pins as possible. A team game as well, after dividing up your group into smaller groups, everyone plays on a lane with the bumpers set up. After a game is completed, see who has the lowest cumulative score to determine the winner. You’ll see that once the bumpers are in place, it becomes really hard to miss pins, making it a ton of silly fun in the process.

Bowling Balls 

Backwards Bowling

You read that right. Make everyone bowl backwards, requiring them to face away from the pins and bowl the ball backwards through their legs, granny-style. Not only is this a lot of ridiculous fun, but it’s a good way to get back at that one jerk in your group who always has perfect form. Your bowling league trophies will do you no good here!

“Pick Your Style”

Another group game that requires you to divide everyone up into equally sized smaller groups. The game starts with the first person in each group bowling in their own unique style — the more unique the better. After they’re finished, everyone in the group must copy the first person’s bowling style. After everyone’s emulated the first person’s style, the next person in line is up, with their own take on bowling, and so on until everyone’s had a chance to try their own style. When you’re finished, it’s the people in each group with the highest scores who are the winners.

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