How to Form Your Own Bowling League, and Why You Should

It’s tons of fun to head to a bowling alley or entertainment center and hurl a bowling ball down the alley with your friends. But did you know that bowling leagues can be way more fun than just an occasional game with your pals? Here’s how you can go about forming your own bowling league, and why you totally should.

Why Start a Bowling League?

Bowling leagues can bring together friends, family, or even complete strangers who compete with other teams for fun and prizes. In addition to being lively fun, there are a ton of other benefits for starting a bowling league.

  • You can put your organization skills to work. Running a bowling league isn’t super hard or time consuming, but you will need a few organizational skills to make it work. Establishing the league, collecting fees, scheduling your venue, and keeping everyone in the know can actually be a fun challenge that we’re sure you’ll rock.
  • It’s a great way to meet people. Running — and then playing in — a bowling league will help you meet all sorts of new friends, not only from your own team, but other teams as well.
  • You’ll get automatic weekly socialization. We know, we know — it can be tough to get out and go be social after a long day of work. But trust us … you’ll really enjoy a weekly occasion to get out and do something social with both old friends and new.
  • It’s an activity will you up off your tush. Again, sitting down and zoning out may sound great after a tough workday, but your bowling league activity will keep you up on your toes at least once a week.

How to Start a Bowling League

Now that you know why you should start a bowling league, the next question is, “How do you pull one together?” Here are a few steps you can take to get your own league off the ground.

  • Set up logistics. You’ll need to figure out a league length and a set schedule. You’ll also have to establish an awards budget, and set a weekly price point which will include games, shoe rental and prize fund contributions.
  • Look around for members. You may already have a few in mind — your sister-in-law, for example, may be looking for a league to join. Beyond those you already know, however, it may be easier than you think to recruit members. You might be surprised to find that people you don’t already know very well, such as Charlie who works down the hall, make excellent league members. Put up flyers at work and post on social media to encourage people to join your league and form teams.
  • Get your bowling alley to help. Your chosen venue will likely be happy to help you advertise your league with signs, handouts, announcements or even social media posting.

Starting a bowling league may sound like a lot of work, but with a few pointers in mind and a bowling alley ready and willing to help, you’ll reap the benefits of socialization, friends and fun.

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