How to Plan a Successful Bowling Party for Your Kids

Your child has probably been counting down the days until their birthday since, well, probably their last birthday. Give them a party that’s worthy of the yearlong countdown. An epic birthday party doesn’t require intricate planning or expensive decorations. All you need is the right venue and the help of the best bowling alley in Huntsville, AL. With different birthday party packages available, there are only a few things you need to do to prep for the event.

Nail Down the Details

Before you jump in to party planning mode, it’s important to iron out a few important details. For example, when is the birthday party going to be? If you’re looking to get as many guests as possible, it’s best to avoid planning the party over a three-day weekend or in conjunction with a holiday. Instead, choose a time when people are more likely to be in town. Make sure that you schedule enough time to bowl, eat treats, open presents, and celebrate the birthday kid!

You’ll also need to think about transportation. While the venue is set, plan a way for your attendees to arrive. Will you be providing the transportation or would you prefer for parents to drop off and pick up their children? While the decision is a matter of preference, it should be determined before invitations are sent out.

Send Out the Invites

Bowling parties are a blast! Get your child’s friends excited for the party by including the details of the event on the invitation. Include the date, time, location, and address on a brightly colored, attention grabbing invite. Make sure that you let the guests know that you’ll be bowling. They may want to bring socks to wear with their bowling shoes! Deliver the invitations at least a week in advance, as this will give your child’s guests an opportunity to plan for the event.

Prepare the Food

No party is complete without treats and snacks! Your child and their friends will be hungry after bowling strikes and spares. Have a variety of snacks and treats waiting for them. You can coordinate the food to fit in with the overall theme of the party or choose to serve your child’s favorite treats. You may even decide to serve a full meal, with hotdogs, pizza, and drinks for all! No matter what you choose, select your menu well before the day of the event to make planning a bit easier.

Take Bowling to the Next Level

Bowling in and of itself is a fun sport. But, there are plenty of ways you can spice things up and make you’re child’s bowling birthday party even more entertaining. For example, have a style competition where each bowler is awarded points for their bowling technique. The prize could be a trophy, small toy, or medal. You could also play a game where each frame requires something new. For instance, one frame could require the player to say something silly before bowling, while another frame may have players do a dance while walking up to the lane. No matter how you choose to make the game even more fun, your child’s friends will love every second of it.

Stars and Strikes is a bowling for kids in Huntsville, AL. Our various birthday party packages make it easy for you to plan the perfect event for your child, no matter their age. Whether you’re looking for a simple bowling party or you want to incorporate laser tag and arcade games, we have packages to suit every budget. Book your party with Stars and Strikes today!