How to Throw an Arcade Birthday Party

Video games are becoming more and more popular among people. Most people love being able to hang out with friends and play video games all day long. This doesn’t stop with a regular day at home, either. Most people, kids and adults alike, love spending celebratory days doing the same thing. This is why arcades in Woodstock, GA are so popular for birthday parties. Here are some tips for throwing the greatest arcade-themed birthday party.


To start with, look around at your arcade venues. You can stick with a place that is just an arcade, or you can choose a place that has an arcade as well as some other activities. This is going to determine the cost of your event as well as the length of time that you will spend at the party location. You also need to take into consideration the ages of your guests. There are arcades for all ages, some that are geared more towards teens and adults, and some that are geared more towards children.


Almost every venue available will have birthday party packages. Purchasing a package that fits your needs is going to save you a lot of time and money when it comes to planning your party. You can also make sure to secure a package that gives you a separate party room in most locations. If you’ve chosen a venue that has other activities outside of the arcade, such as bowling or laser tag, then you can select a package that caters to your group’s desires while still giving everyone options to keep them busy for the duration of the party. With the right package, you barely even have to lift a finger to host an adventurous birthday party that won’t soon be forgotten.

Food and Decorations

Food and decorations are where you can get really into the video game theme of your birthday party. You can plan food and snacks around popular food and drinks for gaming. Certain flavors of pizza, chips, and sodas make the perfect gaming food. You can also order a cake that is designed to look like a game controller or even a popular arcade game. Because video games and arcades are so popular, you can find many themed decorations to go along with your party. You can even custom order shirts for everyone to wear that are themed to the party, and the party attendees can still happily wear after the event.

Party Favors

Everyone loves party favors. You can spend ten minutes searching online and find hundreds of fantastic ideas for party favors that are themed around popular arcade games. One example is a small pouch of fruit-shaped candy with a Pac-man card attached. With kid-friendly arcades in Woodstock, GA you’ll find that the kids collect many tickets and want to exchange them for trinkets or treats. One of the best things that you can give each kid is a bag or box that they can fit their prizes in.

With all of these easy things that you can do, an arcade birthday party is the easiest choice for an epic party. Book your arcade birthday party with Stars and Strikes online at