How to Win at Laser Tag

Laser tag is a fun game that involves chasing opposing team members down with laser tag guns and firing infrared beams at them to get them out. This is an exciting activity that takes place in complex mazes and interesting layouts and involves teamwork to win. Here are some tips we have to get your team ready to win your next round of laser tag!

Prepare for Laser Tag

Laser tag is often played in the dark so before you even get to the game arena, make sure you and your teammates are in the right gear to keep you hidden from opposing teams. Wearing a dark color can make you harder to spot so dress in black or dark blue clothing that is comfortable to move around in.

In addition, check your vest before you start and make sure it fits snug. You lose when the sensors on your vest get hit by a laser gun beam, so you don’t want the vest wiggling around while you run. It will also make it easier for you to stay undetected because the rattling sound can attract others to you.

Work as a Team

Establish a strategy before you head on to the game field. Decide who is going to tackle which corners and how the team will get split. Sticking together on the field only gets you so far and makes you an easy target. Instead discuss your tactics ahead of time and either split up completely or work in pairs. Try not to congregate the entire team in one spot.

During the game, you can help your teammates out by luring out the enemy players or covering your teammates while they move. Watch your back and each other’s and remember to keep a close eye on your ammunition count if you’re playing with laser tag guns that have a limit.

Take Up Good Positions

The best positions you can take during a game are high up or down low. Higher ground is always a good option if the arena offers multiple levels to run around. You’ll get a great vantage point and be able to cover your team’s movements while also tracking your enemies. Just be careful because being higher up can make you easier to spot also.

If you’re moving on the main level of the arena, stay low and find cover as you make your way across the field. Don’t stand out in the open and try to cover your vest as you’re moving. If you do have to be out in the open, stay low. This will make it harder to hit your vest’s sensors.

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