Plan Your Halloween Party With Spooky Laser Tag

lasers inside laser tag arenaIs there anything scarier than not throwing a successful Halloween party? Not really! If you love a good Halloween party, you know how easy it can get to repeat last year’s plans–you need a new trick up your sleeve, and we have just the thing–spooky laser tag.

Laser tag is already a pretty popular party game across generations, but spooky laser tag takes it to a whole new level. We’ll help you plan the perfect Halloween party that will scare your guests just enough to get the adrenaline going and remember your festivities for years to come.

Essential Elements for a Successful Halloween Party

When it comes to party planning, creativity and strategy are key. You don’t want to throw something together an hour before people start arriving–taking the time to plan activities and details not only makes your guests feel special, but helps you cater to different personalities. This way, everyone can have a good time and your quieter friends won’t have to find an excuse to leave the party early.

  • Themed Food: Never underestimate the power of food at parties–it’ll keep almost everyone there and in good spirits. Halloween-themed appetizers and desserts can keep the spooky vibes at an all-time high while satisfying everyone’s sweet tooth. Just be sure to have some savory options too, in case some of your guests might not be into sweets.
  • Spooky Playlist: Music gets people moving, no matter the occasion. Preparing a spooky playlist in advance can help set the tone for your party and get everyone in the Halloween spirit. It’s always good to include some classics, like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” And if you really want to go all out, you can perform the dance with a few friends.
  • Costume Competition: This is a Halloween party, so make sure your guests are in costume! You can even have a little competition with prizes for the best, most creative, and funniest costumes. Just be sure to let everyone know in advance so they have time to prepare.
  • Halloween Party Favors: Everyone loves a good party favor, and Halloween is the perfect time to get creative. For kids, you can include things like candy, small toys, or even personalized items with each person’s name on it. For adults, include a dessert, a fall candle, or a festive cocktail recipe.

How to Go the Extra Party-Planning Mile

All of the elements above can help elevate your laser tag Halloween party, but every award-winning, memorable party needs at least one surprise. If your guests think they’re just going to the average laser tag party, they’ll be in for a real treat–or trick. 

Decorating the arena with spooky props and decorations can turn an ordinary game into an unforgettable experience. You can even create a haunted playlist for your guests as they navigate through obstacles. 

Trick or Treat Yo’ Self at Stars and Strikes

Throw a Halloween party to remember at Stars and Strikes. With all of the essential elements for a successful party, plus extras like spooky decorations and costumes, you’ll be sure to scare and entertain your guests. And if that’s not enough, we also have delicious food options and a wide selection of games to sweeten the deal. Start planning your Halloween laser tag party today!