Reasons Bowling Makes the Best First Date

Are you searching for a way to shake up your go-to first date plan? Are you sick of the dinner-and-a-movie routine? Then it’s time to consider how a trip to your local bowling alley can provide the perfect combination of quirky fun and friendly competition for your upcoming first date!

Perfect Icebreaker

You’ve been here before. You’re stuck at the restaurant searching for a way to break the awkward silence, but all you can come up with is yet another comment about the pasta. However, with a dynamic activity like bowling, you’ve got a built-in conversation starter! Instead of asking whether they have any siblings, you can laugh about how you almost had that last strike. Lulls in the conversation are only natural, so instead of feeling pressured to say something witty, let the game fill the void!


First dates can feel incredibly stressful. You want to make a great first impression, but you also don’t want to feel like you have to spend lots of money before you’re sure that you even want a second date. And that’s what makes bowling such an ideal first date choice! In the grand scheme of first date plans, a few games at the best bowling alley in Smyrna, TN, is going to be far cheaper than dinner and drinks at the new restaurant in town.

The Ideal First Date Environment

When it comes to choosing a venue for your next first date, your local bowling alley location has everything you need to set you and your date at ease. You will not only be able to enjoy a fun game in a laid-back environment, but you’ll also have access to some great arcade games, food, and drinks if you need a quick break.

Worried about how nice you ought to dress? Don’t! Both you and your date will be in bowling shoes, so comfortable jeans and a cute top are the order of the day.

Not to mention, a bowling alley provides plenty of low-pressure chances for you and your date to break the touch barrier. By exchanging a high-five after a perfect strike, you’ll be able to convey a sense of fun in a way that is completely nonthreatening.

High five

Sneak Peek at Their Personality

Are you worried that your date is too hypercompetitive? Or do you want to find out whether they’re a sore loser? Then it’s time you took them to the bowling alley to find out! Your personality comes out when you play, so you’ll have the chance to uncover your date’s true colors. But more than that, you’ll also have the chance to joke around and show off your incredible sense of humor right from the first date.

So if you’re feeling stressed about your upcoming date, you should consider suggesting a visit to Stars and Strikes, the best bowling alley in Smyrna, TN! Don’t sit through another boring dinner or leave a movie still knowing nothing about your date. Instead, have a great night out in a safe and welcoming environment. Besides, if the date goes poorly, you can always fake an injury to end the evening early! The possibilities are endless, so plan your first date at Stars and Strikes!