What to Wear to Laser Tag

When we think of laser tag, what are the first few things that come to mind? A fun, tiring game? Getting a little messy? Not knowing what to expect from it? All of these are indeed true for many potential laser tag players. Some people might avoid this game for these very reasons, but others like to play it because it’s so unpredictable. In order to make sure that laser tag is even more fun, it’s important to know what to wear to laser tag, because the proper attire can make it both fun and comfortable.

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Attire and Elements for Laser Tag

The main goal of any match of laser tag is to hit your opponents’ vests that are sensor-covered, while also saving yourself from being hit. Although many things should be kept in mind if you want to win, the clothes you choose can indeed determine whether you’ll be victorious or defeated and keep you comfortable throughout.

Wear darker clothes to avoid being spotted. The lighter your clothes are, the easier it will be to spot you, making you an easy target. Make sure that your shoes are comfortable and closed-toed. Don’t go in wearing heels, sandals, or footwear without a bit of grip. Sneakers work best in this regard, or you can also opt for comfortable boots that are dark in color. Dressing in layers is a crucial thing to remember as well. It can feel pretty cold in the laser arena in the beginning, but as you start running and jumping, you will probably start to sweat. It’s always better to take layers off.

Go for any darker-colored jeans, shorts, baggy pants, or leggings, depending on what you feel most comfortable in. In case you’re going for indoor laser tag, dark colored pants will work just fine, but for outdoor laser tag, natural-colored pants or those with camouflage patterns are the best pick. The top, sweater, or shirt you pick should fit your form well and should not overheat your body.

Tie longer hair back to prevent hair from getting in your face and distracting you, and also make sure your hair does not get entangled in the equipment that accompanies laser tag. In case you have light-colored hair, you can consider wearing a darker colored hat so your hair is concealed from your opponents and does not give away your identity.