What Usually Comes in a Party Package?

If you are thinking about having a kid’s party at the bowling alley, you should definitely consider opting in for a party package. These packages were created so that all you time is dedicated to fun rather than party planning. They help you make the most of your experience and gives you and your guests the opportunity to enjoy all the activities available.

Party packages usually come with a specific amount of time out on the bowling lanes as well as equipment, food, some party supplies, and even points or game cards to be used towards other activities. Curious about what we offer in our packages? Check them out here.

All parties that are hosted at Stars and Strikes will include balloons, supplies like napkins and plates, as well as a dedicated party host and grown-up play date. On top of that, each party package includes an assortment of arcade cards, play sessions, and food.

MVP Birthday Party Package

This party package includes a bit of everything. Enjoy 2 hours of fun on the lanes as well as a session of laser tag, bumper cars, and arcade cards for the birthday boy or girl and guests. This comes with shoe rentals, food and drinks, and a Ticket Tornado experience for the birthday child.

Teen Dream Package

The Teen Dream package comes with 2 hours of fun including bowling on our Twilight Lanes, arcade cards for each guest, and a laser tag and bumper car session. Your party will also get their choice of premium food and unlimited soft drinks.

All-Star Bowling Birthday Party Package

Similar to the MVP Birthday Party package, this one comes with a couple of hours having fun on the lanes as well as a session of bumper cars for all guests. Enjoy arcade cards and food for everyone involved as well as a Ticket Tornado for the birthday child.

Hall of Fame Arcade Birthday Party Package

This package was created for the game lovers. Enjoy 2 hours of party time set up in the party area. We include a session of laser tag and bumper cars as well as arcade cards and a hour, unlimited video card for everyone in attendance. Get your choice of food and soft drinks and also let your child enjoy the fun of the Ticket Tornado.

High 5 Bowling Birthday Party Package

This bowling package comes with a 1.5-hour party set up right on the lanes with shoe rentals and arcade cards for everyone as well as a choice of pizza and soft drinks. The birthday boy or girl will also have a fun time winning tickets in the Ticket Tornado.

Adult Party Package

Adult bowling parties are still a hit. Enjoy 2 hours of fun and an arcade card for each guest. We offer free shoe rentals and service at your lanes as well as a nice serving of appetizers, chips, and unlimited soft drinks.

Special Holiday Party Packages

Looking for something special for the holidays? Check us out! We usually have a holiday party package in place so you can spend your days off having a great time. For example, on New Year’s Eve we offered an arcade package that included 3 hours of unlimited video game play, laser tag, bumper cars, and virtual reality. If you’re curious what we have to offer, just ask!


If you are looking for the perfect place to host your parties, check out what we offer at Stars & Strikes. Book a party on our website or get in touch with the location nearest you.