What You Need to Try in Your Next Team Building Event

As a team leader, you know that building strong relationships among team members is essential for productivity and success. And with 78% of people looking for a more supportive work culture, a team-building event has become necessary to ensure a happy and productive work environment.

Team building events don’t have to just be a normal bowling trip or an escape room. There are lots of creative activities that can help you engage your team and make it a memorable experience. So why not consider planning a team-building event for your team today?

Wacky Bowling

Designed to get everyone in the mood for having fun and uniting as a team, wacky bowling is a unique spin on a classic bowling game. This game involves two teams of three people each, with each member taking turns rolling their ball down an alley at the same time without crashing into another bowler’s side.

The person who rolls the highest score wins the round and is rewarded with a prize. It’s a great way to spark some friendly competition while having a bowling blast at the same time.

Full House Bowling

Unlike traditional bowling, Full House Bowling is a game of coordination and cooperation that requires the participants to work together. The team must roll their ball down the alley in perfect synchronization to get a strike.

This activity is great for teaching problem-solving skills and improving communication among teams. So get the crew together and let the fun begin!

Tag Team Relay Bowling

It’s time to get into pairs for this game; Tag Team Relay is another unique game that requires you to divide your team into pairs. Each pair has to take turns rolling the ball down an alley, with the first person in each pair setting the pace for their partner.

You’ll get the opportunity to show off your coordination and strategy skills with this one. Plus, it’s a great way to get everyone involved in the team-building process.

Next Dimension Laser Tag

Get ready to be James Bond in this futuristic arena. The teams must use their laser guns to eliminate the opponents and complete various objectives. This game is great for improving communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. And maybe even show off those somersaults you’ve been practicing at home.

Extreme PowerPoint Challenge

If your business presents regularly, it’s important to know how to make your presentation look professional and engaging. This game is a unique take on the typical PowerPoint presentation—teams will have to create an interactive PowerPoint game in just 45 minutes or less!

The goal is to build a presentation that is both informative and visually appealing. This game can also help bring out the creative side of your team members as they learn how to create an engaging presentation deck for their next office meeting.

Build Your Team Comraderie at Stars and Strikes

When you’re ready to plan your next team-building event, Stars and Strikes is the perfect place. Our locations have everything you need for a successful day of fun and bonding with your team. From laser tag to bowling, your team will have a blast and build their camaraderie in no time. So get the gang together and plan an epic team-building event at Stars and Strikes by contacting us today!