Why Bowling is a Great Team-building Activity

While bowling may seem like a single person, competitive activity, it is also great for team building. Bowling is a great way to create trust and put a team effort towards winning an activity. In addition to the standard game of bowling, there are also different games that can be played while bowling to get people to work together.

Reasons Why Bowling is Great for Teams

There are many reasons why bowling is the ideal activity for building teams. It is a great way to relax, unwind, and have fun and is something that everyone is able to participate in regardless of skill level. Bowling creates a positive environment that encourages teams to build interpersonal relationships that can translate back to work in the office. This is a “no pressure” atmosphere where people can focus on getting to know each other while having fun.

Team-building Bowling Games

There are many bowling games that can be played to foster teamwork. Here are a few that we recommend at our locations.

Wacky Bowling

This game involves trying out a new bowling trick each frame. Bowl left-handed, granny style, or other wacky ways to loosen everyone up.

Full House Bowling

This game combines bowling with cards. Teams pull a card for every spare or strike and try to make the best poker hand from what they’ve collected.

Tag Team Relay Bowling

This bowling game requires a bit of strategy. Decide the placement of your teammates to optimize your final score.

Additional Team Building Games

At Stars and Strikes, we also offer team building games in other activities like laser tag and in our arcade space.

Next Dimension Laser Tag

Battle it out with other teams to try to get the most hits using cutting-edge equipment. We encourage teams to do their best to navigate our Next Dimension arena and win the game.

Extreme Power Point Challenge

This timed game gives teams 15 minutes to try to win the most arcade tickets possible. This requires skill and strategy as you try to figure out the games with the highest rewards.

Our Team Building Packages

We offer different packages to help get your team in shape. All you need to do is divide everyone up and we supply the rest.

The Extreme Challenge

The Extreme Challenge is a three-hour event where your team will go head-to-head in bowling, laser tag, and the Extreme Power Point challenge.  We provide your choice of food through a pizza buffet or taco bar as well as unlimited soft drinks. Our designated facilitator will oversee all team building activities and winners walk away with a souvenir bowling pin trophy.

The Champion’s Challenge

This is a two-and-a-half-hour event that consists of laser tag challenges, and competitive bowling. We have designated facilitators that will help guide your team through the activities and the winning team walks away with a souvenir bowling pin trophy. This package comes with oven-baked pizzas to keep your team energized and unlimited soft drinks.


If you are looking for the perfect place for your next team-building event, come check out the fun we offer at Stars & Strikes. Book now through our website or get in touch with the location nearest you.