Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars of the Future: Safe and Thrilling!

Remember bumper cars from the fair that hardly ever worked and sent showers of sparks? Those are bumper cars of the past. We’ve installed indoor bumper cars that zoom and spin, with laser lights and pulsing music that come together for a thrilling experience rain or shine. Kids love challenging their friends to spin, bump and zoom on safe bumper cars. Get ready for a delightful experience that will make it hard to believe you are inside. Bumper Car pricing is $5.49 per session.

Kids Birthday Parties are Better with Bumper Cars

Kids love to move, especially on the most exciting day of the year. At Stars and Strikes, we keep them active throughout their party, and one of their favorite options is a spin in the bumper cars zone. Kids of all ages love the delight of getting to ride on bumper cars inside, making kids birthday parties a big hit at Stars and Strikes. Our convenient kids birthday party packages make it easy to customize what your kids love — but we know they’ll love the chance to bounce around to their favorite music with cool laser lights and mirrored walls that surround them with the spinning, blinking, zooming action. Strap in and go! Looking for bumper cars near me?

Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

When it’s hot, cold, or raining, where do you take kids to have fun? Bumper cars at Stars and Strikes are just one of the top attractions that draw families from all over to our locations. We understand that when it comes down to free time, families want to have the most fun they can without spending too much. That’s why we make it easy to drop in for a family meal, hit the arcade, go bowling — and take advantage of amazing add-ons like bumper cars and laser tag at select locations. It’s a promise from our family to yours that having fun together is what matters the most.

Note: There is a 44″ height requirement for bumper cars.