Group Events at Stars and Strikes

People are often surprised to hear that we’ve hosted more than a few weddings here at Stars and Strikes. We attribute that to a couple of things. First, we know our Family Entertainment Centers are beautiful, state of the art, and just plain fun. Second, we have seen countless friendships — and more — forged over our bowling lanes and attractions. This is simply the perfect place to have fun… together.

Stars and Strikes provides a turn-key experience for groups of all sizes, perfect for team outings, holiday parties, banquets, family reunions, and more!

Customized Group Events for Every Budget

We employ full-time event experts at every location for a reason. Your gatherings are important to us. Whether you’re a church group leader, a parent throwing a bar mitzvah, a sports team coach, or the PTA president — we’re here to make sure your group has the best event ever. There’s no limit to what we can achieve together, with select locations offering full ballroom spaces that are perfect for large corporate events and upscale galas and yes, even weddings.

Host a Great Event for Adults

If you’ve never stepped foot into one of our upscale bars, you’re missing out. Forget everything you thought you knew about a bowling alley’s concessions. That’s all in the past. We boast full-service restaurants and beautiful bars with spacious lounges to watch TV, play games, and hang out with friends. All of that experience allows us to create a custom experience just for your group. Book VIP lanes or the whole place. The sky’s the limit. Let’s get together and plan an amazing party. Baby shower, bachelor’s party, birthday? You name it. We’ll make it special.

Entertain Groups of Kids

Field trips, lock-ins, class parties, sports parties — we’re the experts. That’s because we’re a family business that’s raised generations of kids alongside the bowling lanes. Our family values are part of the way we plan group events for kids, and we’re never happier than we are when Stars and Strikes is packed with smiling faces having the times of their life.

Group Event Reservation Reminders

  • $50 deposit required at time of booking
  • Groups of 50 or more require 25% deposit
  • Reservations are required
  • Only one group bill will be issued
  • We plan food and room size to accommodate the number of people in your reservation
  • Private room available
  • Upgraded menus available