Pros and Cons of Escape Room Games with a Large Group

padlock and key used for escape room gamesThere’s nothing like the thrill of escape room games with your friends or family. While escape rooms are a great way to create memories, the size of the group you experience an escape room with can have an impact on your success.

Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of escape room games with a large group of people.


When planning for a large group, there is a large range of things to consider, and a lot of them can actually benefit your big outing.

No One Gets Left Behind

If you plan on having a large group, escape room games are the perfect activity. You can get everyone involved and they will all have something to do; you’ll have a chance to work together as an entire team. Unlike other activities, your group won’t be split up. With escape rooms, no one gets left out!

Makes Teamwork Easier

With escape rooms, teams are able to work together more effectively. Every team member is able to contribute and play a role in the escape room game. Giving everyone a role means no one feels purposeless, which boosts morale and increases your escape room game success.

Greater Sense of Accomplishment

With escape rooms, success isn’t just about winning. It’s about working together, communicating, and collaborating. When a large escape room victory is achieved, it is more rewarding because the whole team was able to work together and contribute towards the success of the escape.

Themes and Options

With so many options and themes to choose from, escape rooms are adored for the different worlds you can “escape” into. Whether it’s horror, mystery, or fantasy, escape rooms give you the option to explore a variety of themes.


Contrary to popular opinion, escape rooms with large groups isn’t all sunshine and roses. Like all things, escape rooms with a large group have their drawbacks.

Length of Time

The escape room may take longer to complete because all the members need to be given time to understand and solve the clues. This can lead to escape rooms that are too long for certain groups, especially if your escape room does not have an efficient flow or a good pace.

And if there are too many people, it may be hard to communicate and brainstorm ideas together seamlessly.

Level of Difficulty

Escape room games are designed to increase in difficulty. When they are done with large groups, it can be hard to make sure that everyone is able to complete the escape room without making it too easy for those who may have more experience than others.

Planning a successful escape room outing for a large group isn’t always easy, but with the right escape room center and a bit of planning, it can be a great experience.

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