Why Escape Rooms are Great for Family Night

Escape rooms are becoming a popular activity for families to enjoy in lieu of board games or movie night. The level of interaction, critical thinking, and collaboration involved makes it ideal for a family who just wants to spend time with each other while also having a good time. Read More

Planning the Perfect Team Building Event

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Finding the Perfect Event Venue

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Why You Should Join the Stars and Strikes Bowling League

  Are you looking for a new hobby? Participating in Atlanta’s premier bowling league could be your answer! Joining the Stars and Strikes bowling league has many benefits. Get regular exercise Bond with like-minded people Several prize opportunities Relaxation Have tons of fun! Bowling is more than a random… Read More

Best Arcade Games

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What Are Bowling Balls Made Of?

Can you believe that bowling has been around for thousands of years? Remnants of this world-renowned sport have been found in ancient Egypt, dating back almost 5,000 years. For centuries, various civilizations have created unique versions of bowling. Of course, the equipment used for the sport has evolved over… Read More

Top Tips for Mastering Bowling

Bowling is a fun sport to play but it can be hard to truly master. Becoming an expert bowler requires a lot of practice and skill. Whether you want to try out league bowling or improve your skills to show off to your friends, we have some tips to… Read More

Laser Tag Strategies

Stars and Strikes fully understands the appeal of a moving target, laser guns, and friendships formed in the exhilarating laser tag arena. It is a fun game for everyone, involving intense shooting stances, sensor-filled vests, and infrared rifles that add to the overall experience. The game is also mess-free and safe, giving an excellent mental… Read More

What is SPARK Augmented Reality Bowling?

If you are a fan of bowling, you’ll love Stars and Strikes’ newest feature—SPARK augmented reality bowling. SPARK engages every segment of the most ardent entertainment seekers with software that might rock your world. You and your friends can choose between fifteen imaginative themes, light up the lane in… Read More

What are Escape Rooms?

If you are a fan of escape room games, Stars and Strikes has a special treat for you—escapology. It is an escape room game with even more adrenaline, excitement, and mystery involved. You and your team will be locked inside a room with a directive to find the clues… Read More