5 Tips for Planning a Killer Summer Party

bowling party

As the time of year for fireworks and celebration rolls around, you may be considering planning a summer party. An outdoor bash may be the traditional route, but with temperatures well into the upper 90s this summer and no end in sight, an indoor celebration–like a bowling party–might… Read More

Is a Bowling League Right for You?

bowling league in Concord

If you’re interested in forming lasting friendships and having a good time, then joining a bowling league is the perfect way to go! A bowling league in Concord offers an opportunity to not only become a skillful bowler but also to form meaningful… Read More

5 Ways to Save Money at the Arcade

budget arcade

Arcades are a great way to have fun and pass the time, but with multiple people and kids running around wanting to do it all—it can get pricey without a budgeted arcade visit. Fortunately, there are several ways to save money while enjoying the arcade… Read More

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Tag

adult laser tag

Laser tag is a fun, safe, and interactive activity that makes for an exciting day out with friends and family. But for those unfamiliar with the game, there are a few common questions that come up when you’re a first-timer. Here’s what you need to… Read More

Is Axe Throwing Safe?

is axe throwing safe

Whether you’re looking for a stress reliever or just a fun activity to do with friends, axe throwing has become an increasingly popular option. With it, you not only get a good time but increased coordination and tricep strength. However, it’s a common belief that… Read More