MEGAVERSE VR – NOW OPEN at Stars and Strikes Dallas!

Don’t play it…Live it!

MEGAVERSE Virtual Reality has landed in Stars and Strikes in Dallas, GA and is NOW OPEN!


With multiple Game Modes in One Arena, you’ve never experienced anything like this before!


Be the first to try our BRAND NEW Immersive Virtual Reality Experience – MEGAVERSE!

NEW! THE WITCHING HOUR: This house is full of horrors and it is up to you and your team to find and complete the tasks before the clock strikes the witching hour.


CARNI CHAOS: Aim for danger, shoot for fun! Open world competitive shooting range!

CORRIDORS OF HORROR: Terror lurks around every corner of this haunted hospital meets escape room theme.

2092: MURRAY”S GETAWAY: Scale building and battle waves of killer drones to maneuver this futuristic floating city.


PIRATE’S FATE: Treasure awaits those who can solve the intricate puzzles of the galleon, but time is of the essence as you only have 30 minutes to escape!

MEGABALL: Futuristic dodgeball-inspired game which strategically pits up to 6 players (2 teams of 3 players) against each other in a space arena.

DINOSAUR ISLAND: Using a high-tech time machine, players are transported to Prehistoric times to learn about some of the most legendary creatures to ever walk the planet.

Available at:

Dallas, GA