How to Host a Kids’ Bowling Party

Are you looking for places to hold good birthday parties in Stone Mountain, GA? Why not consider a bowling party? Bowling venues have always been great places for kids’ birthday parties because they offer timeless fun for kids of all ages and require very little planning for parents. If you want to plan a bowling party for your child, check out these tips.

Choose a Good Location

Make sure to reserve lanes for your birthday group well in advance. Showing up without a reservation is never recommended. The last thing you want is a group of restless six-year-olds waiting hours for lanes to open up. Also, ick a family-friendly bowling alley that’s clean, doesn’t allow smoking, and offers kid-friendly bowling lanes.

What are kid-friendly bowling lanes? These are lanes that include gutter guards. Gutter guards make it easier for kids to get the bowling ball down the lane and knock down the pins. It also prevents meltdowns.

Consider a Weeknight Party

Bowling birthday party venues don’t have to drain your bank account. If you’re planning a party for a large group, call the venue and ask if there are discounts for weeknight parties. Many bowling venues offer specials for parties booked on weeknights because these times aren’t in high demand. If you’re on a tight budget, weeknight party times present great opportunities to save money.

Choose Additional Activities

Today’s family-friendly bowling venues offer a lot more than bowling. Many have game rooms, laser tag, mini-golf, and other activities. Do yourself a favor and decide ahead of time what activities you’ll offer your guests. An inexpensive bowling party can quickly get very expensive if your guests want to do other activities that are not on the schedule. One of the best ways to manage expectations and keep your budget intact is to purchase birthday packages that include one or two additional activities in addition to bowling.

Ask about Food Offerings

Some bowling venues let you bring in your own food and drinks. Others might let you bring in birthday treats like a cake or cupcakes, but require you to purchase food and drinks from them. Get this information ahead of time so that you don’t show up with food you can’t bring into the venue. Many parents prefer venues that include food, drinks, and birthday treats with the cost of the party because it’s one less thing they have to worry about.

Opening Presents

Parents should also consider if they’ll have their child open presents during the party or take the presents home to open. Some venues have strict rules against opening presents at the venue. Many parents leave the present opening for something that’s done at home to give their child more time to play with their friends and cut down on the mess in the venue.

Bring Party Favors

Don’t forget to thank your child’s guests with a parting gift. Kids look forward to party favors, and it’s a great way to thank them for celebrating your child’s birthday. Take your party bag to the next level and include a gift card for a bowling session. Ask the bowling venue if they offer discounts on bulk gift certificate purchases.

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