How to Plan a Birthday Party for Teenagers

If you’re a parent to teenagers, you know that they can be particular. Teenagers, compared to younger children, often have more specific preferences and expectations for their birthday parties.

In turn, you may find it harder to plan a party they enjoy. But don’t fret, there are ways to make sure your teenager is having a blast that can simultaneously be a breeze for you to plan. From a bowling birthday party to a themed extravaganza, here are some tips to plan a birthday party your teenager will remember:

Involve Your Teen in the Planning Process

By involving your teenager in the planning, you respect their growing independence and ensure that the party reflects their personal taste, here’s how:

  • Discuss everything from the guest list to the party theme
  • Ask them what kind of food they like
  • Offer snacks that match their preferences

Most teenagers also appreciate having some control over the music. Letting your teen take charge of making a playlist will likely be appreciated; they might want to replace some of those Bee Gees songs with Dua Lipa.

Choose a Suitable Theme

Teens appreciate themed parties that align with their interests. This could range from a favorite movie or book to a preferred hobby or sport. Regardless of the theme, finding a fun venue for the party is your next step—some great examples include a themed escape room or a bowling birthday party!

Plan Exciting Activities and Games

Organize activities and games that are age-appropriate and engaging. There are sure to be a lot of options, such as bumper cars or axe throwing—for a more competitive crowd, you could even have a bowling birthday party!

Provide Delicious Eats

Nothing puts a stop to a party like the absence of food and drinks—these should be planned to include everyone’s preferences. If there will be quite a few teens attending, it might make sense to host the party somewhere that offers food options, such as a bowling birthday party venue like Stars and Strikes. Soon you’ll experience little work needed on your end and delicious food and beverages!

Create a Party Timeline

To avoid boredom or downtime, create a schedule for the party. Include time for activities, eating, and cake cutting. This is a handy type for a few “just-in-case” activities if the party ends up being shorter than expected. For example, a bowling birthday party might have options for laser tag or arcade games.

Have Some Fun Party Favors

Show appreciation to the guests with thoughtful party favors. These could be themed, or individualized for each guest. This is an extra way to make sure all the guests feel special and leave the party on a high.

Ensure Safety Throughout

Ensure safety precautions are in place, particularly if the party is a nighttime event. Always have supervising adults present to make sure the night stays smooth and successful.

Decide on an All-Inclusive Venue

Choose a venue that best suits the size of your group, the age range, and the activities you plan to include. A venue can be the best option to ensure you have multiple options for activities, food and drinks, and a fun theme all rolled into one!

Stars And Strikes Has It All!

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