5 Tips to Improve Your Bowling Alley Birthday Invitation

birthday cake on a table preparing for a birthday party

Throwing a birthday party at a bowling alley is a rite of passage! What better way to celebrate a new year of life than a little healthy competition with friends, nostalgic arcade games, and yummy fried foods. Whether you’re throwing your own party or hosting a celebration for your kids, the bowling alley is a place all ages can gather to make new memories.

However, throwing a successful party starts long before your friends start choosing bowling shoes–your birthday invitation is the first indicator of how amazing your festivities will be. Level up your bowling alley birthday invitation this year with these five creative tips:

Make it Personalized

No matter what age you are, everybody loves seeing their own name on things. A personalized invitation adds a special touch that makes guests feel valued and excited for your party. Even if you use an online template to create your invitations, make sure to add a short blurb or note letting your friends know how much their presence would mean to you!

Get Punny!

Birthday invitations set the tone for your party–the language and style of your invitation let guests know what to expect. For example, if you were throwing a tea party, you might want to use proper English phrases with frilly or floral language. However, a bowling alley birthday party is the perfect opportunity to get creative and have some fun with your invitations! Strike up excitement for your impending party with some bowling puns and jokes (see what we did there)!

Use phrases like “You’re right up my alley; come knock down some pins with me on my birthday!” or “Spare me your excuses–come party with me!” to get everyone in the celebratory mood before they even walk in the door.

Create a Memorable Visual

The tough truth is that most birthday party invitations are boring and forgettable–there, we said it. But they don’t have to be! If you send your invite weeks beforehand, you want to make sure to send a memorable card that will stay in the back of the recipients’ minds.

Whether you make a quick graphic on Canva or commission an artistic friend to design something truly unique, an attention-grabbing image is key. You can even mail physical invitations with fun images or photos related to bowling that will get everyone pumped for your party!

Add Specific Details

While this might seem obvious, not adding enough detail to your birthday invitation is an all-too-common error. Have you ever been invited to a party and then worried about what to wear for the next few weeks? You don’t want to leave your guests with questions that might deter them from coming to your party. 

Before you hit send, make sure to include all the relevant details like the date, time, dress expectations, food details, and location of your party as well as any other specific instructions guests might need.

Include a Stress-Free RSVP

The only thing worse than not knowing what to wear is not knowing if there will be enough food for everyone. Make sure to include an RSVP on your invitation so that you can plan accordingly and avoid any awkward situations. You can either request that guests reply via text, email, or even a phone call–but choosing the easiest, most accessible option is usually the safest bet.

Get the Ball Rolling on Your Invites with Stars and Strikes

Have you decided where to throw your epic bowling alley birthday this year? Now that you know how to create a memorable birthday invitation, make sure to choose a stellar location that lives up to the hype!

At Stars and Strikes, we have all the classic elements that make a bowling alley the best place to throw a birthday bash. We’re sure to have a game that everyone in your party will love. Call us today to book your reservation!