It’s Almost Time for Kids Bowl Free!

Sure, it seems like you just hustled the kids out the door for their first day of school last fall, but guess what? School’s out for the summer! OK, maybe not quite yet, but it’ll be here before you know it. That leaves you and your kids with some, shall we say, extra time on your hands? If you’re looking for something to keep your family busy over the long, hot summer, we’ve got amazing news — Kids Bowl Free is back at Stars and Strikes!

Benefits of bowling

In the summer, there’s plenty to do, right? Spend loads of time outdoors and play with friends is often on the agenda. As the days go by and the heat outside rises, it can be hard for your kids to get the motivation to do anything other than laze around inside the house on an electronic device.

That’s where bowling comes in. There are loads of benefits for your kids, and also for you! Your kids will have something to look forward to every day of summer vacation, for starters. It gets them out of the house, which can break up boredom and give them something to look forward to, and it can give the inside of your house a break if your kids tend to get a little too active indoors.

Also, bowling is great exercise. No, they’re not zooming around a basketball court or running laps, but bowling requires them to get up, move around, and hurl a bowling ball down a lane a dozen (or two) times per game. It’s so much fun, though, it doesn’t really feel like exercise.

Bowling is also fun because it’s competitive, and also, almost everyone can do it regardless of skill level. Gather up a few of your child’s friends who are also in the program and set them loose for an afternoon of bowling. They can have a super entertaining time while trying to improve their score and win, but they’ll still have tons of fun playing even if they don’t come out on top.

Is Kids Bowl Free really … free?

When we say free, we really mean free. The program runs between April 22nd and August 23rd, and your child can bowl two free games every day during that timeframe. All you have to do is sign them up here, and they can bowl twice a day all summer long!

Kids bowl free is available for children 15 years and younger, and it’s available at all Stars and Strikes locations. We can’t wait to see you and your kiddos!

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