Spring Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Spring is an exciting time with flowers coming into bloom, animals coming out of hibernation, and the cold temperatures of winter disappearing into the distance. This is an even more exciting time if you’re lucky to be celebrating a birthday. Whether you’re looking for something casual or fancy or planning for a kid or adult, we have all the spring themed ideas that will get you ready to have a great time.


Easter is a fun theme in incorporate into your birthday party whether or not you celebrate the actual holiday. For adults, set up a rustic themed table setting with pastel eggs, twigs, and other natural elements decorating the area. For kids, the obvious route to take would be lots of Easter-related treats like chocolate bunnies and eggs as well as a scavenger hunt for fun prizes.


Flower themed parties are a natural thought to go with especially since spring is the season filled with flowers. For adults, this could involve arranging bouquets while drinking wine and having desserts. If kids are the center of the party, take this opportunity to encourage some creative skills with cupcake decorating or painting.


Who doesn’t enjoy days at the farm? Springtime is when animals are ready to come back out and enjoy the sun. Make it a day trip to your local farmstead or bring the vibe to you with lots of fruit and vegetables and fun treats decorated like various farm animals. Cake pops are a creative way to get some miniature cows, chickens, and pigs involved.

St. Patrick’s Day

Another fun holiday that occurs in the spring, St. Patrick’s Day is a good one to draw inspiration from. Encourage everyone to dress in green and deck out all your decorations, food, and treats with a dash of green. Chocolate coins, rainbow candy, and green drinks are also great to incorporate.

Alice in Wonderland

This story may be geared towards kids but there are ideas here that even adults can take away with them. A garden party is one example with cute tags that say “eat me” or drink me” hanging off each food or drink. If you’re planning for a child’s birthday, play some fun games related to the theme like pinning the tail on the Cheshire Cat or painting the craft roses red.


You can’t go wrong with a good camping trip or an imitation of one. If you can’t head to the great outdoors, then bring it to you. Set up some tents, bring the marshmallows and crackers, and prepare some fun campfire stories and activities to the event. Try serving BBQ for the meal to bring in more of the outdoor feel.

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