Top Spring Birthday Party Ideas

If your kid has a springtime birthday, then you’re probably already thinking about what you can do for their party. As the weather warms up, it’s a great time to gather with friends and celebrate, so here are a few party ideas (both indoors and out!) for you to consider. And if you’re looking for places to have a kid’s birthday party in Lawrenceville, GA, we hope you’ll consider Stars and Strikes!

Garden Party

No, this doesn’t mean a fancy outdoor tea party. With the flowers in bloom and spring in the air, a gardening-themed party can be great for a kid’s birthday. Provide each child with a flowerpot and items to decorate it with – paint, glitter glue, rhinestones, paint pens, etc. Let everyone decorate their pots, then give them soil and seeds to fill it with. They’ll all be thrilled to take their flower home and watch it grow over the coming weeks. It’s one party favor that probably won’t end up being thrown out!

Arcade Party

If you’re looking for an indoor party idea, why not take the kids to an arcade? There are many of these venues open now, with old-school games like Galaga and Pac-Man, as well as new-school VR games for the kids to enjoy. Many of these places provide party packages, too, so you can get everyone in at an affordable price.

Outdoor Movie Party

Movies are always a fun way to gather with friends. But why not upgrade that experience for a kid’s birthday? If the evening weather is nice, take everyone outside and hang a white sheet on the side of the house. Use a projector to play your child’s favorite movie for them and their friends as they all enjoy popcorn, cake, and ice cream.

Playground Party

Want a low-effort outdoor birthday party? Why not just have it at a playground? Most community playgrounds have pavilions that you can rent (or, in some cases, which you can use for free) so that you can have tables for cakes and other refreshments. Let the kids gather for present-opening, cake-eating, and any other activities you feel like planning. Then, just let them run free and have fun together on the playground! This is one kind of party that will be a blast for the kids without turning your hair gray from planning and preparation.

Nature Walk Party

If your kid is the outdoorsy type and loves hiking, you can easily turn that activity into a birthday party for them and their friends. Provide kids with a nice hiking snack like granola bars or trail mix, or you can even have them make their own trail mix beforehand as a pre-hike activity! Pick a trail that is at the correct ability level for the age group that will be at the party, and make sure there are bathrooms nearby. Then, take everyone out for a fun nature walk before returning home (or to a park pavilion) for cake and presents.

Family and friends celebrating birthday at bowling center

Bowling Party

If the outdoor weather isn’t cooperating or if you prefer a low-effort indoor party, we’re naturally partial to bowling. Bowling is one activity that appeals to all age groups and can be adapted to numerous ability levels. And, with our birthday party packages, bringing all your child’s friends to the bowling alley is an affordable and fun party option!

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