What are Escape Rooms?

Escape Room Neon Sign

If you are a fan of escape room games, Stars and Strikes has a special treat for you—escapology. It is an escape room game with even more adrenaline, excitement, and mystery involved. You and your team will be locked inside a room with a directive to find the clues and complete the mission before your time runs out.

Although it sounds simple, it is a real-life adventure that is perfect for family and friends to collaborate. You will use your skills to crack codes and solve puzzles, with options for daring live escapes from exotic locations, like a 19th-century train or a mysterious mansion. Keep reading to discover the unique escape room experiences you can enjoy at Stars and Strikes.

What is an Escape Room?

There are typically multiple rooms, completely different set designs, an authentic atmosphere, and dramatic mysteries that guide each experience. An escape room is imagined and designed down to the last detail, and once the door closes, you and your team are trapped inside.

The clock starts its countdown and pressure hits. You and your friends have only sixty minutes to solve the puzzles and find solutions, with any item on the floors, ceilings, or walls a possible red herring. It could be part of the key to solve the mystery and open the door, or it might be nothing.

Escape Room Types

Escapology at Stars and Strikes sets the standard for escape rooms. Here are some of the most popular S&S games:

Mansion Murder

If you’ve always wanted to be a detective and solve murder mysteries, this is the perfect game for you. During a family dinner, you and your team will hear a scream and discover that a person is found dead in the library. If you don’t want the  S&S authorities to frame you for the murder, uncover the secrets quickly to solve the puzzle.

Th3 Cod3

Are you ready to step in the shoes of an American FBI agent and find the world’s greatest hacker? If you are, this is a thrilling escape room game to keep you on your toes. Nitr0 is one of the most wanted hackers, and your job is to reveal their true identity, find the code, and destroy the nefarious program before things get out of control.

Budapest Express

The Budapest Express is not your ordinary train ride through the heart of Europe. During your journey, the train manager will call you, a famous Parisian detective, to solve a murder mystery. If you want to save your reputation as a brilliant detective and catch the killer before the train stops, narrow down the suspects and find out who killed Sir Clarence.

Escape rooms are the perfect way to celebrate your birthday, do team building, or design a corporate event. They are fun and engaging, perfect for anyone who wants to solve crimes, decipher puzzles, and experience a unique adventure at Stars and Strikes. Choose your team carefully, select a room, and craft your escape by calling Stars and Strikes at 678-965-5707 or contact us here for a real-life challenge.