What Goes on at a Lock-In?


A lock-in party provides a safe alternative for adolescents that keeps them entertained while also away from things such as drinking. Oftentimes this party has designated times where people are allowed in and out. This is usually an overnight activity that sees participants coming in sometime during the evening and leaving the next day.

Basics of a Lock-In

A lock-in should be a chill environment for people to hang out, chat, and have fun. Keep things serious but lighthearted by reinforcing the rules and also providing enough things to do. The exciting part of the rules is that you must get there before the doors close or else you’re not able to participate in the activities.

In addition to setting the rules, you need a space to hold the lock-in as well as activities planned that are well-paced and engaging enough to keep people entertained throughout the night or until they settle in for the sleepover. These can include active and passive activities such as arcade games, movies, music, etc. Including drinks and food options can also help with energy levels throughout the night.

Overall, the purpose of hosting a lock-in is to provide a fun night for kids while also keeping them out of trouble and away from bad influences.

Lock-Ins at Stars and Strikes

Curious about what goes on at a Stars and Strikes Lock-In? We make these events more fun than ever with lots of activities onsite to keep kids entertained for hours as well as a safe and supervised environment for everyone to enjoy themselves.

Participants bring the sleeping bags and pajamas while we supply the fun and entertainment. Get busy in our family entertainment center with bowling, laser tag, arcade games, and more We’ve provided safe lock-ins for thousands of groups from schools to sports teams to student organizations. Each lock-in has coordinators in charge who have extensive experience with planning the details and supervising the good times.

Keep your kids moving with music, games, and food. While sleeping is always an option, you’ll find that those who participate are usually having too much fun to tuck themselves in for the night. We provide quality times under safe supervision as well as the perfect location to host your next lock-in.

If you are looking for the perfect place to host celebrate your stellar team, come check out the fun we offer at Stars & Strikes. We offer several exciting activities that will bring everyone together like bowling, axe throwing, laser tag, arcade games, and more!