Axe Throwing How-To

Axe throwing is a fun way to get some friendly competition in whether you’re out for a night with friends or on a date. For those that are new to this activity, there may be some nerves involved. Axe throwing is easy to pick up on and we’re here to share some tips to help you get started

Take a Solid Stance

The key to getting a good throw involves being conscious of your stance. You want to stay solid and stable in order to balance out your body as you throw. Getting wobbly doesn’t help you out and can cause you to miscalculate where the axe goes.

Start from and starting stance and work your way into your final position after throwing. These motions should involve your entire body whether you are standing with both feet planted or stepping forward as you throw. Aiming and moving you head, feet, arms, head, and therefore, axe towards the target will increase your chances of getting in a good throw.

Experiment with Grip

Your grip on the axe also plays an important role in how the throw turns out. Those who are inconsistent may find that each throw is vastly different from how fast they spin to the margin of error once the axe hits the target.

At the same time, where you release your axe when you throw will also impact how it spins and moves. A commonly recommended strategy is to employ a lighter grip when throwing. This type of hold is less dependent on the strength of the throw because it is a natural release that is more forgiving to those who have less strength.

Stay Consistent

There are a variety of techniques that people like to use when axe-throwing. However, the best way to improve is to throw in a way that is repeatable. Those that are trying to reproduce difficult moves may find themselves more easily frustrated. Rather than trying out a bunch of different tactics, stick to something simple that your body can easily get a feel for and do over and over again.


You don’t want to throw with stiff shoulders. So before you get started, try warming up a bit with some practice throws and take a deep breath before your turn. Maintaining a tension-filled posture is more difficult overtime. The better tactic to try is to relax your shoulders before you begin your throw and be conscious about not tensing up as you release.


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