How to Prepare for an Event

Planning an event can feel like an endless to-do list. From getting everything in place to managing the activities the day of to closing out the event and tying up any loose ends, there’s a lot to keep track of. We’re here with a guide on how to prepare for an event from the weeks leading up to after so that everything runs smoothly.

Before the Event

Before you throw an event, you have to get all the details in place to make it happen. A couple of key things to consider are your venue, your budget, food, and entertainment. These are foundations of a fun party.

Getting these details planned out may involve reaching out to various vendors as well as whoever is in charge of money to figure out what is within your budget. When it comes to selecting your vendors, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You might want to know if they provide equipment like tables and chairs, microphones, projectors, etc.

Identify the theme of your event. This will help you plan out décor, music, and the general atmosphere of the party.

Once your details are figured out, be sure to finalize everything by putting down deposits where needed, sending out the invitations, and getting the agenda set.

During the Event

On the day of the event, run through a checklist of everything you need to have ready. Once you’ve checked it off the list, put it out of your mind so you’re able to focus on the other tasks you need to complete.

If setup is required, get there early with enough time to get everything put together and time to make any last-minute runs home or to the store if you forget anything. Check with your vendors to make sure everyone is on the same page. If things are getting off-track, don’t panic and walk-through steps to solve the problem quickly.

Remember to take time to enjoy yourself as well and really soak up the environment. If you’re hosting a party, be sure to grab some time to have fun and eat. If you’re in charge of a corporate event or conference, take time to mingle and network or stop to listen to presentations as they are happening.

Finally, have a plan for cleanup and breakdown. If you rented equipment, make sure to account for it and have a person in charge of returning it to the vendor. If the venue doesn’t offer cleanup, you can recruit some volunteers to get in on the action and help with tidying up after.

After the Event

You can take a deep breath knowing all of the hard work is done and you’re able to put a well-planned event behind you. However, don’t forget to tackle some basic post-event tasks.

Reach out to everyone who played a role and thank them for their time and effort. Ask for feedback where you can so you know what you can improve for the next event. And, if there are any outstanding bills, now would be the time to pay them or schedule payments for them.

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