Planning the Perfect Team Building Event

Whether working with a corporate group or a small organization, hosting team bonding events is an excellent way to build morale. Your team is responsible for maintaining the day-to-day activities while working together to achieve specific goals for your company.

Having a team that works well together is the ultimate asset. Planning a team building event creates new opportunities for your employees to bond outside of the work environment.

Benefits of Team Bonding

Team bonding activities should be more than just a corporate objective. Participating in the perfect team-building events boosts morale and can improve other skills like time management. There are many benefits to hosting a team bonding event, such as:

  • Builds trust among team members – Maintaining a high level of trust is essential for any team. When your employees trust each other, communication improves and achieving goals becomes more effortless.
  • Creates familiarity – It is a well-known fact that people who already know each other work better together. Team building events allow your team members to get to know each other outside of the office.
  • Increase motivation – Motivating your team to accomplish the small goals in a team-building event translates to the workplace. A motivated team is a powerful team!
  • Establish conflict resolution methods – Not every group will get along with each other 24/7. Establishing conflict resolution practices helps streamline communications and avoid potential roadblocks.
  • Get everyone out of the office – No matter how great a work environment you have, everyone enjoys spending time outside the office. Hosting events away from the workspace gives your team members a break while still bonding with each other.

Team Building Tips

Before planning a team building event, keep a few things in mind.

  1. Determine your goals.  Why do you want to participate in team bonding activities? Are you working with a brand-new team that needs to get to know each other? Do you have an important project coming up? Determining the goals that you want to achieve is the first step to take when event planning.
  2. Plan appropriate activities. The activities during a team bonding event should reflect your ultimate goals while engaging your team. Activities that engage every team member encourage unity and avoid dullness.
  3. Establish a venue. The location of your team-building event should be accessible to everyone with the desired atmosphere. The venue should be both comfortable and exciting.
  4. Keep a record. It is important to follow every team-building event with a description of the results. Analyze how every team member acted, if the venue was appropriate, and any improvements to the activities.

Team Building Ideas

Finding an activity that every team member will enjoy may seem difficult, but Stars and Strikes has the perfect team-building idea for you!

A bowling alley is an excellent location for corporate team-building events. It’s affordable, fun, and convenient! Having your team members participate in bowling games encourages friendly competition and conversation and has just the right mix of fun and relaxation. You can divide your employees into teams or have a tournament!

Stars and Strikes wants to help the next time you are planning a team building event. Call us today at 678-965-5707 or visit to see what all we have to offer!