How to Plan a Bowling Alley Fundraiser

A bowling fundraising event creates an avenue for people to support your organization and raise money for a good cause, while playing a game they enjoy.


An even better option would be to make it into a fundraising campaign. You might be wondering, what is a fundraising campaign?


It’s a fundraiser, however, it happens over an extended period. It’d probably last till the goals have been achieved. This is why holding your fundraiser at a bowling alley that offers other games and activities, perhaps one that even has an arcade would be a great idea.


Instead of a ‘fundraising campaign at a bowling alley’ – a mouthful – you could simply call it a bowl-a-thon! It’s an excellent way to raise awareness and/or funds for a cause through bowling.


Planning a Bowling Alley Fundraiser


Start Early 


Start your fundraising plans early enough so you can strategize and plan the events properly.


Events like this can’t be planned on the go or within two to four days to the event day. To have a successful fundraising event, start as early as six months to the set date for the fundraising.


Set realistic goals 


Create a goal that is realistic and achievable. Speak to the participants about each of your goals so they can help you attain them. These efforts will go a long way to achieve your goals.


Besides, it’s a fundraiser, no one is obligated to do more than they can. It’d be setting yourself up for failure if you set unrealistic goals here.


Figure out the logistics


It’s vital to know the things you should put in place for your event, what items ought to be on your list, and the exact date for your event before you contact a venue manager.


Once these are properly set, then you can begin the search for the perfect bowling alley. We recommend you look for one that’ll help you cut down on the number of vendors you need.


For instance, a bowling alley that will help you decorate the alley; has food available; plays music, and even has bowling shoes for hire would be ideal. That way, you don’t have to start looking for companies that handle each of those things.


Get your invites ready


Now that your plans are ready to be acted upon, make digital invites and brochures that you can share on social media, email, and other online sites.


Be sure to provide adequate information about the event, the venue and time, and any other thing you deem necessary. Ensure you add your sponsor’s name to the brochure.


Get social and contact a local press


Promote the event on social media. Make it all about the cause and the bowling. This should pique people’s interests. Get across to a reporter to help broadcast the event.


Beyond that, reach out to specific groups or organizations you believe will help you. It’ll be a good idea to contact those who have an interest in sports and games.


To make this easier for you, get a checklist. A typical bowling alley fundraiser checklist will have all items easily ticked off by us.


At Stars & Strikes, we’ve got a bowling alley that’d serve as a great location for your fundraiser. We can also help out with the preparation. We’ve got great food, music, etc. available. Plus an arcade for extras.


For more details about bowling and other fun activities, check out our website here.