5 Reasons Kids Birthdays Are Better at Stars & Strikes

A child’s birthday party is one of those events parents can both look forward to and dread all at once. Seeing the look of joy on little faces as they open presents and gobble cake is a gift in itself, but the planning, preparation and cost that can go into a homegrown party? Yikes. That can put a real damper on the fun. We think you should enjoy your kids birthday parties as much as they do, and here are 5 ways we can make it happen.

Kids Birthdays Are Fun, Fun, And More Fun When They’re Here.

We have activities to keep kids of all ages — even the “almost grown-up” ages — entertained for hours. Enjoy bowling, laser tag, bumper cars, the hottest arcade games and even escape rooms. (Not to brag, but that’s a whole lot of fun under one roof!)

We Have Delicious Food Kids Love

Our parties come with kid-friendly menus, serving up pizza, hot dogs, burgers, chicken fingers or quesadillas. But it doesn’t end there. Parents can dine from our gourmet menu and enjoy craft cocktails* while the little ones play.

Stress-Free Planning For You.

All you have to do is pick a date, pick a party package, and pick up the phone or go online. Our customer service experts handle everything else. Even better? Your personal party host ensures you and all your guests have a great time from start to finish. They’ll help get the kids excited, coordinate logistics, and make sure you don’t have to lift a finger.

We Take Care of the Clean-Up.

We should put this at No. 1, because it might be the best reason of all. When your Stars & Strikes party is finished, you just take the presents and run, or stay and play. No dishes. No sweeping up confetti. No scrubbing frosting stains out of the carpet. That’s no joke, we really do it all! 

You Can Make Your Child’s Birthday Unique.

We provide the location and fun, but if your child has a favorite superhero, movie or hobby, you are welcome to bring the theme. Here some of our favorite bowling-inspired party themes to inspire you, complete with downloadable invitation, or make the event entirely your own.

Book your kids’ birthday party today. Get $10 off. And let us show your whole family how fun is done.

*Adult menu items are available but not included in party packages.

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