Tips for an Affordable Kids Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for your child is both a fun and stressful task for many parents. After all, there aren’t many things as exciting as giving your child a day of fun that they’ll treasure for weeks to come or seeing that smile when they start taking part in the activities that you knew would be perfect for them.

But getting to that smile takes time and planning, and in this day and age, it’s often easy for parents to lose sight of what needs to be done and what can be sacrificed without losing anything from the event. Here are a few tips for staging one of the best kids’ birthday parties in Loganville, GA, without breaking the budget in the process!

Remember Who It’s For

This might seem to be one of the most obvious tips of all time, but in the era of Pinterest and Instagram, it’s easy for parents to lose sight of what really matters and worry about getting every last detail right so that their child can have the “perfect” birthday. But what really determines a perfect birthday is whether your child has a fun experience. Unless your child is incredibly artistic, odds are that he or she will neither remember nor care about the streamers having gold trim or balloons with his or her name spelled out. What he or she will care about is having fun with friends, playing games, laughing, opening presents, and enjoying cake.

So, make sure that every decision you make is made with your child in mind. If less-expensive decorations will function just as well as a pricier choice, go for the money saver and use the savings to get a better cake, more time in the bowling alley, or an extra present for your child. Bottom line, if it makes your child happy, it’s a good decision.

Plan Ahead

The best way to make sure that you throw a party that your child will love is to give yourself as much time as possible to take advantage of opportunities. For example, if you know where you want to host your child’s birthday party, it’s a good idea to contact the venue as early as possible to make sure that the day and time you want is available and see if any deals are available for when you want to book your space. You might be able to get a discount on the cost per child or get some extra game time for your group just for booking at the right time.

Plus, if you’re going to do your own decorating, planning ahead allows you to take advantage of deals at party stores as the seasons change. Let’s say that your child loves the Atlanta Falcons and would enjoy  red-and-black décor for the big day, but he or she has a birthday in April, when sports fans in Georgia are thinking about the Braves and Atlanta United. If you’re prepared, you can get the decorations in September, when everyone’s got Falcons-themed décor available, making it easy to find the perfect look without spending much.

Boy bowling at a place to have a kids’ birthday party in Logansville, GA

Consider an Inclusive Location

One of the best reasons to hold your child’s party at a place like Stars and Strikes is that we can take care of many of the details for one low price. Instead of spending a little bit of money here and there that adds up into one large bill where you still have to do the work, you can let us handle the food,  excitement, and small details that make a birthday party run smoothly.

With our team in control of the details, all you’ll have to worry about is doing the one thing every parent wants to do when they host the best kid’s birthday party in Loganville, GA, making memories with your child!